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Meet Ben

Hi there! I'm Ben and Rocky Mountain Films is my pride and joy. Videography has been my passion for most of my life and my profession for most of my adult life. From the launch of Watermelon WhiteClaw to a Superhero themed birthday party, a YouTube ad series for Toyota to a dance recital, and a luxurious 300-guest inner-city wedding to a clifftop elopement in the middle of nowhere, I find variety to be the spice of life. I live and breathe the mountains and love the variety of amazing wedding destinations here in Colorado, and all of those beautiful mountain backdrops. I bring a confident but relaxed demeanor to weddings and am usually best friends with you guys (and the photographer) by the end of the day. I typically favor more candid shots and won't force you into any awkward poses that keep you from enjoying the day. For me, the difference between a good wedding video and a great wedding video isn't the video at all, but rather the audio. I go to great (but inconspicuous) lengths to make sure your video has the sort of audio that brings people into the moment to feel all the emotions of the day. When it comes to editing, my style is modern and upbeat without being overly trendy. I find the problem with following video trends is that while your video might grab a few hundred likes on Instagram today, as time goes by it will age as trends change, and will quickly seem outdated. Keeping things sharp, upbeat and emotive will help your video age as well as your love.

Outside of Rocky Mountain Films, I love skiing, hiking, off-roading and landscape photography (see my work below). I'm building my own house (and shed, garage, hangar, the list goes on) and I'm making a youtube series about it! You can find me at . I'm also an airplane pilot, although I don't fly as much as I once did, I'm still an aviation nut. My dream is to one day equip Rocky Mountain Films with it's own plane to explore the best wedding destinations all over the country!

Meet... the family!

Here's me, my wife, Katrina and our daughter, Lyla. We all love hiking the mountains and playing in lakes, and we're thankful enough to be able to do both of those things so close to home! Colorado is such a beautiful and unique place and we are so lucky to be able to live here and do what we love.

Some of my images:
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