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Seven Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long have you been a videographer?

I have been a professional videographer for 7 years, and have been doing wedding and event videography for the majority of that time. Other roles I have had include digital media production for Toyota, Nissan, Findlay Automotive Group and Kloster Automotive Group. I also produce short commercial films for software, oil & gas industries.

2) What gear do you use?

I'm a Sony guy. 99% of your wedding film will come from one of my Sony cameras, generally the Sony a7iv. Anything else will be from my drone, a DJI Mavic Air 2S. All shots (until we're kicking it on the dance floor) come from a tripod or stabilized rig. None of that shaky hand-held footage. Audio is also recorded from multiple sources throughout the ceremony, mainly from yet more Sony equipment and some Rode microphones!

3) How do you protect from data loss and corruption?

I record simultaneously to seven SD cards from three cameras and two audio recorders throughout the ceremony and reception. At the end of the night, I back all my data up to two separate hard drives, which I keep in different locations. Even after the video is delivered, I'll keep your footage for another year just in case you want more or lose what's been delivered!

4) What music can I have for my highlight film?

I use only fully licensed music that you can legally have in your wedding film, and legally share to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. I license all music through SoundStripe and let you pick out your tracks, or if you just can't decide, I can always choose something original from my favorites list.


UPDATE: As of May 2019, Facebook changed it's copyright content policy for videos. Any video containing copyright music will be muted after a 24 hour period that you have to supply evidence of copyright ownership. No way around it, you need licensed music!

August 2021 - copyright content is checked by Instagram now too.

5) Your drone is cool! Can you legally fly it at my wedding?

Generally, yes! I am an FAA licensed drone pilot, and can fly at your wedding so long as; the weather is suitable; the venue allows it; and it does not violate FAA airspace restrictions or special event policies. I won't go flying it during your ceremony, it's more just for capturing the landscape and helps to bring the viewers into the story of your wedding day.

6) Why should I hire Rocky Mountain Films?

Well, I guess because you get me! And I don't mean that like book me because I'm just the greatest, I mean you'll know what you get. There's a ton of wedding videography companies these days that are big business. You won't talk to the owner, your videographer and editor will be randomly assigned, and you won't really be sure what you're going to get until you get it. How do I know? I've worked for them, and I can tell you it's not the same. With me, you'll get the proper attention to detail your wedding deserves, and I'll actually care. You'll get an experienced and consistent wedding-specialist and I'll be handling things from start to finish. I'll know what the best shots are for the edit, because I shot them. And if nothing else, your money will stay in the community, tax will go to our roads and schools and well, you'll be helping my family succeed and not put another sports car in some CEO's garage.

Now there's always someone who will do it cheaper, but here's the biggest thing about shooting a wedding. You only get one chance. You're not going to say your vows again, you can't uncut the cake, and the lonely bridesmaid isn't giving you back the bouquet after she catches it! When things only happen once, all you can count on is experience.

Having the right gear is also essential. We have over $10000 in video-specific equipment, and rely on Sony for it's unparalleled low-light performance, the sort of lighting conditions you find at a wedding reception.

And once you have the footage, you've got to know what to do with it. The game has changed for wedding videography. You're not going to want the same two-hour video your parents had, that you dust off and play once a decade. Our highlight films are produced using the latest Adobe software, with modern editing techniques, and made in the style of your choosing. That way, you'll have something to share with others and relive for yourself, any time you want. We also steer clear of trendy editing techniques because as cool as they might look today, you'll still want to look back at your wedding video in a few decades and not cringe.

7) We want Rocky Mountain Films to shoot our wedding... where to from here?

The process is pretty easy. First, lets chat! I want to make sure we can make a film you'll love, and I won't take your money if we can't! Once the details are sorted, I'll have a contract written so I know what to give you, and you know what to expect. A 20% deposit seals the deal, and I'm all yours on your wedding day! The balance can be paid in installments or as a lump sum, whatever works best for you. As your date draws nearer we can start planning things to down to a tee, but until then you can relax and know I won't be booking anyone else on your big day!

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